The Improvements in Technology With Dentistry

The field of dentistry has come a long way. If we look at how they did the cleaning, whitening, teeth pulling, and so on, we can see a big difference even to what they did ten years ago. The technology that has been introduced to the dental industry has been amazing and we can all benefit from these advancements in some way. They make the processes quicker and easier for the most part for a lot of patients and dentists alike.

Instead of having the large clumsy pieces of equipment that take pictures of the mouth, there are now smaller intra-oral cameras that are used in certain practices instead. The x-ray machines are built differently although only the major dental clinics seem to have the smaller most advanced machines. Better anesthetics are used that don’t have the same side effects but are stronger. Whitening procedures have now expanded to include the more impressive laser whitening technology. While it is quite expensive, the results last for quite some time and the teeth are whiter than what other procedures would give. There have also been a number of great advancements with braces as well. They have gone from large and rather aesthetically unappealing contraptions to clear coverings for the teeth that have great affects in shorter amount of time and you can’t even see them. Even the retainers have come a long way.

Advancements are happening all the time and while some of them don’t seem to have much advantage except for being smaller, these machines take better pictures, the products give better results and so the list goes. We benefit from these things without taking much thought to it except in some cases for the price. It really is amazing what is happening to the industry so that we have can better looking and healthier teeth and gums.